Council of Delegates

The Council of Delegates is the highest representative organ of the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB). Represents the interesse of 34 OAS members countries. Each country determines the option of appointing a senior military officer (or civilian equivalent having knowledge in military affairs and defense), to attend meetings and exercise voting rights on the activities of the IADB.
In the case of countries without representation, corresponding to the respective representative to the OAS diplomat responsible for liaising to serve the interests of his country.
The Council of Delegates meets monthly and is the deliberative forum of the IADB. These meetings are approved activities of the IADB by majority vote (one vote each country). All meetings are held in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese. Members of the Council of Delegates also perform work through working committees, formed for specific missions and temporary nature.
The Council of Delegates is presided over by: a President, a Vice President and a Secretary.
The other purposes and functions are contained in Chapter IV, Art.10 of their statutes.