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posted Feb 2, 2016, 10:29 AM by Jid Webmaster

On Thursday 21 January the Inter-American Defense Board received at its headquarters, La Casa del Soldado, the working visit of the US Navy Captain Ryan Tillotson, Director of Marine Operations Center of the 4th Fleet, accompanied by the US Navy Commander Matthew Ghen, Secretary of the Inter-American Naval Communications Network IANTN and 5th Section Chief of Staff J5 of the 4th Fleet, based in Florida, as well as a delegation from the IANTN.

 During this visit IANTN representatives had the opportunity to meet with Vice Admiral Gonzalo Rios Polastri, President of the Council of Delegates, with the Brazilian Air Force Major General Maurício Ribeiro Gonçalves and a group of advisors of the IADB, to talk about the functions of the IADB as part of the OAS and specialized military liaison conference, collaboration between the IADB and the IANTN on issues such as humanitarian aid and natural disasters, communications exercises of the Armed Forces of the hemisphere, among other topics of common interest.

 Later, the Commander Ghen, from the IANTN  made a presentation to the Heads of Delegation and the IADB advisors in the Council Chamber of Delegates explaining the mission of the IANTN and its focus on multilateralism in interoperability and communications between the naval/military authorities to contribute to the development of joint activities in peacetime and under emergency conditions. He showed to the IADB the tools that are used in the IANTN to achieve the mission, such as Centrix and APAN systems also explained.