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Confidence and Security Building Measures


    This organization’s mission is to compile official military, defense, and equivalent information from each OAS member, with the purpose of studying and analyzing it, in order to elaborate and diffuse the confidence measures report, as adopted by the member states; assessing in White Papers development, military personnel exchange, combined and other exercises, through bilateral, regional or Inter-American activities, developed to contribute to enhancing the relationships among the American States.

    By OAS Resolution, this confidence measures study is extended to other national environments, that been collected and analyzed by JID-SSA specialized personnel, they are subsequently reported to the Committee on Hemispheric Security. The material is subject to constant evolution, in order to ensure the transfer for contribution of the OAS member states to complete the standardized information and report it annually by mid-July to OAS Secretary General, to be analyzed by specialist personnel. 

    Final Report Working Group - August 2014

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